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Fruit rotten as there services and customer service
30 March 2021
Reviewer: March 19 from London

10 of 18 people found this review helpful

I received a fruit basket on my birth date and at first it was wawww until I opened it.. The only nice about it is the basket and the yellow ribbon. the quality of fruit so terrible from the black skin tinny bananas to the super out of date oranges to the tasteless kiwis... the number on the card is out of order but they still added to the delivery. searched and called the number on the website and the guy who answered says he only answer the phone and asked me to e-mail. Wrote an email and the reply was as bad as there fruits. they asked me to enjoy the fruit as it shows its maturity even though I sent them pictures. that how bad this company are...

Pls guys DO NOT use this Flowers24Hours as you will regret it for 24 Years and advice who ever is going to send you parcel or present not to use it at all.

Bad product and quality, Bad customer service

When someone knows the number is not available and still they added to the parcel that should tell you something.

keep safe

In summary, I would not recommend Flowers24Hours to a friend.

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Bad Service overall
31 July 2014
Reviewer: Diana from London, UK

123 of 274 people found this review helpful

They delivered a wrong bunch of flowers. Refused to take responsibility by not answering my phone calls or emails. Same person picked up the phone and simply told me to email customer service. Nothing has happened to this day. There is a banner on website claiming "Award winning customer service". Don't fall for it.

In summary, I would not recommend Flowers24Hours to a friend.

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Beautiful floral design service
24 June 2014
Reviewer: Ellie from Paris

167 of 318 people found this review helpful

The most beautifully designed flowers I have found online. I received an awesome bouquet for Valentines Day this year, I think it calls Serenade and after that I made a few deliveries by myslef for my mom and colleagues. They were delighted!

In summary, I would recommend Flowers24Hours to a friend.

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Valentines Day flowers arrived one day too late!!
17 February 2014
Reviewer: Bpowell from London

156 of 317 people found this review helpful

My partner paid premium Valentines Day prices for a same day delivery, but the flowers arrived ONE DAY TOO LATE!! I called Flowers24Hours customer services throughout the day for an estimated delivery time - first I was told sometime early afternoon, then in late afternoon I was told they were still making deliveries to City office addresses, and would be with us early evening. I even stayed at home to make sure I did not miss the flower delivery. Still no delivery by 9pm, so my partner bought me a bouquet from a street vendor instead. The flowers turned up with a sheepish delivery man the morning after, who apologised and said to get in touch with customer services for a refund. Customer services however say the delivery man attempted delivery late on Valentines evening (which I do not believe as we were having dinner in and nobody rang the doorbell) and refused even a partial refund. Also the flowers must have been in some stuffy van overnight as they'd already wilted by the time I received them. If you are going to pay premium prices for same day flower delivery, use another company instead!!

In summary, I would not recommend Flowers24Hours to a friend.

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15 November 2011
Reviewer: Unsatisfied Customer from Washington, DC

197 of 408 people found this review helpful

I ordered flowers, balloons, and a basket for my sick relative in the UK and was charged $138. The flowers that I ordered had roses and lilies, the ones they delivered were the cheapest type of flowers -- the only thing similar was the color combination. They also didn't deliver the "Get Well" balloon (even after charging me). When I contacted their "customer service" they offered no apologies and said they would refund the $6 they charged for the balloon. Over a week has passed and no word of their so called refund. Most importantly, the flowers I paid so much for were DISGUSTING and EMBARRASSING!!! It would have been better if I didn't send flowers at all given what this company delivered. The flowers they delivered looked like they cost $15 (10 british pounds). My mother ordered a much nicer arrangement with a dozen roses from a different site, paid $50, and the exact same thing as pictured was delivered -- and it was beautiful. I will never use flowers24hours.co.uk again. They should not be in business, especially given their competition has lower prices and much better service.

In summary, I would not recommend Flowers24Hours to a friend.

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