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iFlorist is an online flower delivery service that offers customers the opportunity to order beautiful flowers from "the world’s local florist". Although iFlorist undoubtedly specialises in sending flowers around the UK, the site has formed a network of international florists that has the capacity to send flowers to the USA, Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. With such a broad international capacity, iFlorist has proved extremely popular and continues to grow and expand. The key ethos behind iFlorist is that customers can order amazing value bouquets, without compromising on quality.

Customers can choose from a wide variety of bouquets and arrangements in a number of different styles. Ranging from the classic, to more modern and unusual designs, iFlorist lets customers choose the perfect bouquet for any individual regardless of the occasion.They can also choose from a number of upgrades and add-on gifts to make any bouquet even more special. Customers can add chocolates, wine, teddy bears, vouchers, balloons and more to their bouquets to make them into a gift that is perfectly suited to their loved one. Finally, customers can also opt for a number of stand-alone gifts that can be sent as an alternative to flowers, including gift hampers, fruit baskets and more.

One of the most useful aspects of iFlorist is its much-vaunted international delivery capacity. Customers can send beautiful flowers across the world to 8 destinations (although the site will also consider delivery to other countries if requested). As opposed to other sites, which simply offer customers the same bouquets for every country at different prices, customers at iFlorist can choose from bouquets designed specifically for a particular country. These bouquets take into consideration national preferences for particular flowers and their availability, meaning the bouquet you can send to the USA need not be the same as the one you send to Germany. Finally, when you select a country of delivery, iFlorist automatically updates the price of each bouquet available to take into account local delivery charges and the cost of raw materials!

What we particularly liked about the site was that, even though the bouquets are offered at generously reduced prices, customers still get access to some of the most modern, luxurious floral designs available on the market. Similarly, with such a widespread international capacity, flowers can be sent all over the world without costing ridiculous prices.

On paper at least, iFlorist is an impressive, user friendly site that offers customers a wide range of bouquets and arrangements at a great price. However, in practice, the user reviews of iFlorist tell quite a different story, with many users complaining of poor quality or even dead flowers, failed deliveries, bouquets that do not match those advertised and poor customer support.

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