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Lakeland Flowers Review

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Now something of a British institution, Lakeland has been operating for over 50 years. It offers quality kitchenware, home products and flowers, as well as an assortment of gifts. They pride themselves on the high quality of their customer care, with more than 70 stores across the UK, with free postage on orders over £40. This offer is improved further still, as all flowers are delivered for free using express delivery within the UK. 

Quality and Choice

Whilst we were reassured about the quality of the flowers offered by Lakeland (they provide a 7 day guarantee on freshness, so you can rest assured they ought to keep their colour and shape for at least a week), their range is very limited. There were just 10 bouquets to choose from, ranging from £24.99 to £54.99 (for the gift set, which includes wine), and several of those were “currently not available”. As such, it’s a case of having to love a bouquet they have to offer, as there’s no room for adapting the bouquet or searching through hundreds more options.

Pretty in Pink gift set (£54.99)
Pretty in Pink gift set (£54.99)

Aside from that, we thought the bouquets were very attractive. We particularly liked the fact that Lakeland consider the kind of vase which would best suit the flowers, with unusual vases such as a “spring teapot” in place of the conventional glass cylinder. 

Lakeland also take pride in their gift sets, which offer balloons, wine and jellies. Each item on offer is given a tantalising description, and the site offers notes on the smells and appearance of the flowers, as well as how many of each you will receive. This is a pleasant addition as it gives you some sense of what you ought to receive on delivery.


Customers can leave feedback on bouquets, although this didn’t really seem to be a feature which was widely utilised. As such, although a reviews system is appreciated, it’s not currently very useful to potential buyers. However, the company is clearly devoted to offering superior customer service and so, combined with their 7 day freshness guarantee, we’d be surprised if their products and services were below par.


Let’s talk price, because Lakeland isn’t particularly cheap. In fact, it’s a little more expensive than other flower delivery services we’ve seen, with its cheapest bouquet (at the time of this review) coming in at around £25. Still, this isn’t hugely expensive, but given the lack of options, it does mean anyone on a budget is more limited in their choice.

As well as flowers, you can also buy a great variety of items for the kitchen and home. These, however, are not necessarily delivered with your flowers and you may have to pay an additional delivery fee (delivery on home items is free when you spend more than £40), so it may not be ideal for short-term gift options.


Overall, we were generally impressed by Lakeland.co.uk’s dedication to customer services and quality products. However, when it comes to flowers, they’re lacking enough range to really compete with flowers-focussed distributors. It’s worth checking on the off-chance you happen to love one of their bouquets, but otherwise you may struggle to find what you’re looking for.  

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