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Website: http://www.wigglywigglers.co.uk/wiggly-florist.html

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Wiggly Wigglers Florist Review

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Wiggly Wigglers Florist is a newcomer on the flower delivery scene, specialised in farm-produced British plants and flowers. Originally selling bird-feed, they have recently expanded their range while remaining faithful to their original country living philosophy. 

Quality and Range

The use of seasonal British blooms means that Wiggly Wigglers cannot guarantee the exact composition of each bouquet in advance. This feature could put off customers who like to know in detail what they are buying, but it is completely in keeping with the company's philosophy and will please ethical buyers who want seasonal blooms.

With gift vouchers available, you can offer the Wiggly Wigglers experience and let the gift recipient choose their preferred bouquet.

Although the main website has few varieties of flowers on offer, by following the link to their flower delivery website, under the trading name The Great British Florist, customers can browse a much wider range of bouquets and flower arrangements, all locally grown at the Wiggly Wigglers farm, hand-picked, and delivered by courier.

Wiggly British Bouquet, £45
Wiggly British Bouquet, £45

Add-ons available include pottery jugs and teapots, teddy bears, and chocolate for a very special gift. They also offer floristry courses on-site, all year round, if you live near Herefordshire!

In terms of personalisation, most bouquets on The Great British Florist website also have the option DELUXE my Flowers which allows customers to add 35% more flowers. There really is something for every budget and every important occasion in the Weddings and Funerals ranges.

Service and Philosophy

Wiggly Wigglers are partnered with the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust to encourage sustainable living. Their focus on British-grown flowers ensures a high quality of blooms, supports local farmers, and keeps the company’s carbon footprint as low as possible.

The use of eco-gel and box packing to ensure the freshness of each bouquet testifies to that. Moreover, all the packaging is made from recycled material and they reuse or recycle all the packaging they receive. Flower waste is composted at the Wiggly Wigglers farm. For eco-conscious buyers, this must all sound very appealing and admirable.

Button Hole, £12.50
Button Hole, £12.50

The staggered delivery prices can be confusing and make it difficult for customers to plan for flowers to arrive at a certain date to mark a special occasion like a birthday for instance.

The FAQ is also very limited in scope, but Wiggly Wigglers can be contacted by post, phone, or email to answer all types of enquiries.

Customers can subscribe to the Wiggly Wigglers newsletter for exclusive offers and new collections, or join the Flower Club on The Great British Florist to arrange monthly deliveries of beautiful flower arrangements.

Bridal Bouquet, £65 (in packing & delivery box)
Bridal Bouquet, £65 (in packing & delivery box)


Wiggly Wigglers, and the sister website with the trading name The Great British Florist, is a fairly specialised company in the flower delivery market. They are not trying to compete with well-known and established names, which is a good thing, as the range of blooms on offer and the delivery zones is quite limited. If you are looking to try something different though, with an eco-friendly twist, we encourage you to give their website a look!

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