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No stars for Serenata Flowers (1 star is too many!)
14 September 2020
Reviewer: Wilted Flower from UK

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I am compelled to write a negative review about Serenata Flowers, since they have refused to do anything with my complaint to them.

I am pretty furious to be honest after special occasion flowers were delivered 2.5 days AFTER a birthday, having been "out for delivery" three days in a row, they arrived dehydrated to a disappointed former birthday girl.

After the special occasion day passed with no flowers having arrived, I contacted Serenata to find out what was going on and was horrified to learn due to an invisible policy that allegedly states when you order special occasion flowers for delivery on a certain date, 48 additional hours must be allowed for AFTER the special occasion has passed before they will process any inquiries or complaints. I asked repeatedly for the customer agent to show me where this was written on the website, but the policy does not exist in writing. Rather it is something customer services uses to block complaints and investigations. I thought this was out of order so I asked to make a complaint and was told that would not be possible, since the company had not failed according to this policy (that doesn't exist in writing). So then I came from another angle and asked to make a complaint about my experience with customer services, and the girl said just to send a fresh contact through the website which I then did, after which point she herself picked up the complaint, about my experience with her! So either there are no managers, or I don't know what! I have since found out that this company has numerous complaints on various websites, all similar to my own, and the only thing we can do is share our stories and hope that people see them before they have similar negative experiences. If only I had read these messages before I placed an order! But one is is certain I will never use them again!

In summary, I would not recommend Serenata Flowers to a friend.

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