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Came late, ruined message
12 November 2017
Reviewer: Fairbourne from London England

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I have to say I did not order these, so I can't demand money back or comment on price etc. I've put one star for everything because it says I can't publish it otherwise, and there no "not applicable" buttons. What I can honestly say is the following, as the recipient. By the time they arrived with Yodel, my birthday was over, it was the following day, so my friends were disappointed. Celebration was done and dusted, back to work and normality, so the pleasure in them was lost. They look nice enough, but some were obviously cut far too early and you can see from the size of the buds that they're not going to open. But the message ... my first name was spelled wrongly on the card and the box, as was my surname. The sender's name was spelled wrongly also, and in the middle of the card whoever typed it up had written "pooy" !!!! Is that supposed to be a joke?! Offensive, whoever took the order couldn't spell or even take down the spellings correctly - Barbara is hardly difficult and she is a very clearly spoken woman, but it's written as "babra".... Don't want to keep the card which I've always done as a momento before, it looks ridiculous and my name being spelt wrongly makes it even worse. M&S do all they possibly can to avoid you making complaints to them, their web sites run you round and round the houses and waste hours until you put pen to paper to their main address, anything to stop your complaints being seen by others, so I'm not going to bother, and am grateful for this site to air my upset and disappointment.

In summary, I would not recommend Marks and Spencer Flowers to a friend.

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